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Communication Tools for Reactive Dogs

By appointment.

Instructor Kyle

3 sessions $285

1 on 1 instruction for Reactivity.  Let’s teach our dogs not to worry and to look to their pet parent in situations that they may find exciting.  Move through the environment as a team and move towards the plans you had when you brought your puppy home – doing things together.  Goals- impulse control, focus work, connecting as a team to move past situations that might have caused worry in the past.  Stop wondering who is walking who (or who is answering the door etc)- and move forward together.

Wednesday night

Ongoing Enrollment

For the sprouts


4 weeks  7:30 pm-8:30 PM $200

Max 5 puppies

Let’s bond and play with our new family members and show them that life is fun.  Let’s teach our puppies other dogs are fun, Crates are A-OK and my pet parent is pretty great too!Goals- start shaping the basics, sit, down, stand.  Body handling, loose leash walking and socialization to puppies, kids, bikes and other adults.

Wednesday night

Instructor – Alyssa

Ongoing enrollment

4 weeks $200

For Growth

Max 5 dogs.

To move forward with your dog.  Maintaining socialization.  Working together on loose leash walking, Building foundations for communication with duration.  Goals- one heck of a recall.  Trust in husbandry.  Loose leash walking.  Duration with sit downs and stands.  A happy go lucky versatile dog.


3 : 1

3 classes $150

Phasing out reactivity with Kyle

Pre requisite 1:1 with Kyle

Ok- I did my homework, my dog has some skills and I want to put them into practice with people who work with their dogs the same way I do.  With Kyle here to help let’s practice walking as a team with other dogs and owners who are on the same journey.Goals- walking past another dog peacefully.  Focus and teamwork moving through the world.  Let’s measure and break down thresholds.

Puppy and Growth classes are the prerequisites for future interactive classes like Tricks and Canine Conditioning.

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