Grooming Services

Grooming Service

After drop off, your best friend will be treated to a bath using Envirgroom’s premium products. Shampoo is applied through a pressurized bathing system that reduces product while maximizing efficacy.  Our bathing system is gentle and nourishing to your best friends skin and coat.  Product is selected based on individual pet’s needs- whitening, texturizing, fragrance free and hypo -we have it all.  Envirogroom conditioner is applied to replace any minerals and oils that might have been reduced during washing.  While they soak that in- we pluck ears if requested and always clean them.From the bath they move to the drying table where we clip nails as short as possible. Our high velocity dryers allow us to see all of your best friend’s skin and note any concerns.  The dryers also help us move any tangles before pets enter the haircut room.

Finally our certified Canadian Professional Pet Stylist’s work with your best friend to make them look and feel their best.  Brandon’s only team of certified Canadian Professional Pet Stylists we ensure that your best friends haircut is either in a correct pattern or as you requested.   We are educated enough to not damage skin of terriers or spaniels that are traditionally hand-stripped.  They require a few extra steps so that the blown hairs don’t back up into the follicle and cause problems.  Each station has a cookie jar full of beef liver and should your pet need any added support we are a team based salon.  The small dog exclusive playroom is available for breaks – if required and is so beneficial for puppies and extroverted personalities.  For the introverts we offer kennel space, a bed and stuffed food toy.Grassroots employs the most skilled stylists and experienced handlers while offering Brandon’s only small dogs exclusive play room.  It’s no doubt your best friend will just love coming here.


Pet Sitting Services + Rates

We can fully customize your pet sitting schedule to fit your pet’s needs. Pick and choose what visits work best for you and your family

The Deshed Program: For Shedding Dogs

Tired of your dog shedding a lot at home?

Well, here at Grasslands, we can help eliminate some of that fur and dander in your home by having your furry friend join our Deshed Program! It actually works and you will be relieved with the results. No need for a haircut to transform your dog, the Deshed Treatment will do just that!


  • Each dog is shampooed twice with our prima air-infused bathing system and then conditioned with desheding treatment which starts the shedding cycle.
  • The coat is dried with high-velocity dryers and any dead and loose coat is left in our tub.
  • Once dry we put the dog on a grooming table and use specialized tools to make sure that any hair that is moving stays there!
  • Dog nails are clipped, and ears are cleaned.

(Results vary based on breed, nutrition, weather, health etc.)

Minimized shedding, maximized hygiene. Your dogs coat will stay conditioned and nourished. We only use the industries leading products and tools. If your best friend is in your bed, on your couch, kissing your family this is the program for your best friend!

It’s important to keep up with the treatment. The follow-up maintenance every 4 weeks helps ensure a shed less home.

Prices vary from 45.00-$200.

Chihuahua to St. Bernard.

Each Visit Also Includes

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