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The Deshed Program:  For  Shedding Dogs

 Tired of your dog shedding a lot at home?

Well, here at Grasslands, we can help eliminate some of that fur and dander in your home by having your furry friend join our Deshed Program! It actually works and you will be relieved with the results. No need for a haircut to transform your dog, the Deshed Treatment will do just that!

 How the Deshed Treatment works:

  • Each dog is shampooed twice with our prima air infused bathing system and then conditioned with desheding treatment which starts the shedding cycle.

  • The coat is dried with high velocity dryers and any dead and loose coat is left in our tub.

  • Once dry we put the dog on a grooming table and use specialized tools to make sure that any hair that is moving stays here!

  • Dogs nails are clipped and ears are cleaned.

(Results vary based on breed, nutrition, weather, health etc.)

The Benefits of the Deshedding Program
Minimized shedding, maximized hygiene. Your dogs coat will stay conditioned and nourished. We only use the industries leading products and tools. If your best friend is in your bed, on your couch, kissing your family this is the program for your best friend!

Every 4 week Maintenance (after first visit; savings of $10/month) 
It’s important to keep up with the treatment. The follow-up maintenance every 4 weeks helps ensure a shed less home. Call 204-720-4485 and book an appointment to get your dog in! 

Prices vary from 45.00-$200 
Chihuahua to St. Bernard.
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